In the Institute of Anatomy Magdeburg various methods are well-established. In the molecular biology the analysis cover up: proteins (SDS Page, Western Blot, ELISA), DNA/RNA (PCR. qRT-PCR), cell culture (several cell lines, primary cells, transfection), cell separation from blood, preparation of mitochondria, laser dissection, FACS und in-situ hybridisation. In the histology vibratom-, cryostat-, and paraffin sectionings, histological standard- and special stainings, as well as immunhistochemical multiple stainings are performed. The domain of microscopy includes light, fluorescent, confocal and transmission electron microscopy, plus, life cell imaging. The focus in the biohavioral biology is anxiety / fear, learning and experiments with scents. The technical dissections contain several impregnation techniques (plastination like Hagens or with polyethylenglycol), conservation techniques, maceration and modeling.

The institute is certified to teach medical technical assistents.


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